A couple of announcement for MARPers

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A couple quick notes:

1) The new rules page for MARP is completed, and will be posted for review and criticism by the community tomorrow.

2) Work on the new banned games list has now begun as well, and I have begun to receive submissions concerning possible banned techniques on NZ Story and Bubble Bobble (it's always the cute ones that go bad :) ) I estimate the page will be finished in 1-2 days and will then be submitted for approval.

3) Upon completion of #2, a voting process will begin on SOME of the games that are new or listed as In Progress on Angry's page. I don't want to run too many at a time, however, as this reduces the chance that people will take the time to make an informed vote.

4) A primary list of recordings using Autofire that SEVERELY affect the leaderboard has benn submitted to the three lower echelon :) sysops at MARP. If I'm not mistaken, the grace period for replacing recordings ends tomorrow. You've been warned, and you know who you are.

5) Does a couple really mean 2? Geez, I'm sure glad I don't have to take MATH courses at uiversity any more :) English is so much more flexible about these things.

-- Q.T.Quazar (qan@home.com), February 04, 2000

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