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Minox belt and wrist case has the strap attached to the case intead of camera body.

I prefer wrist strap attached to camera, it is more convenient and also the most common method used by compact camera.

Compact camera usually has a hook, or a ring or a bar buidt into the camera to facilitate attachment of a wrist strap.

There is no provision on Minox 35mm camera for wrist strap.

Then how ?

-- martin tai (, February 04, 2000


How to attach a wrist strap on Minox 35 camera body

Rollei E110 camera has no hook for wrist strap, but it has a chain attached through a 1/4" screw to the tripod thread.

I remove the screw from the Rollei chain, and move the screw to the tripod thread of my Minox 35ML.

I then borrow the nicely made wrist strap of Rollei 16S and attach it to the Rollei-screw-on-Minox.

Now I have a genuine Minox camera with wrist strap in a belt case (no strap ), like many other compact cameras

-- martin tai (, February 04, 2000.

Minox PN 68160 is a threaded screw to attach a chain or strap to MINOX LX/TLX/AX/CLX without leather case.

PN 68160 can also be use to attach a neck strap or wrist strap to Minox 35mm camera.

-- martin tai (, February 05, 2000.

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