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There was a child who guested on last night's show, and he looked familiar to me from other stuff. He was the one who had been injecting HGH w/ his grandma's insulin needles. Does anyone know who he is, and what else he's been in? It's been buggin' me. Thanks!!

-- Rebecca (, February 04, 2000


His name is Christopher Marquette. I used to see him in the streets of NYC all the time when he was on Broadway in "The Inspector Calls". I don't know what other stuff he's done out in LA, but I believe he was in an episode of Touched By An Angel.

-- random person (, February 04, 2000.

I think that was the same kid on NYPD Blue that was homeless because he was being molested (or something like that). Danny (Ricky Schroeder sp?)and the dark haired girl (used to be 'Jenny' on All My Children about a million years ago?...I can't think of her name) anyway, it's the episode where he kissed her. They were working together to find a home for that boy that you asked about.

-- Amber Stanfill (, February 10, 2000.,+Chris

-- Rerrun (, February 10, 2000.

The boy you're talking about was recently in a the show "Up, up and Away" that airs on the Disney Channel. He was the sidekick to the son of the Super Heros.

-- Twinsis2 (, February 11, 2000.

I can swear I have seen him on the "Nanny". We get alot of repeats of that show here. It was an old one. I guess. He was supposed to be some famous Broadway child actor in Oliver. ????

-- H C Tuson (, February 15, 2000.

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