Expedition Monsters

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I'm raising my third phoenix now. It's a first generation, though. I'm planning on using it for an expedition monster only. Does the phoenix make a good expedition monster? Any other suggestions? Also, I recently saw a post that said skill played a part in expeditions. Is this true? I've been focusing mainly on intelligence & life with a little work on power to move the roadblocks.

-- Mr. Showtime (kdavis34@yahoo.com), February 04, 2000


A Phoenix is a very good expedition monster, due to its high intelligence and life. I've also heard that skill plays a part in expeditions but I don't think that's true. I think Luck has more to do with it.

-- John Johnson (ltdoesnmatterwhatmynameis@yahoo.com), February 04, 2000.

You also want power so you can move the obsticles on the expeditions. So make sure you get some power too.

-- The Man (djedmond@pinenet.com), February 04, 2000.

Hey pal, from my experience, this is my advice: Raising your monster's life to 500 is just about enough to get only the important items. An Int of about 500 is also just about enough as you can somehow "direct" it to the item's location. as for Pow, my Hound Knight made it just nice with 300, although there were a couple of glitches here and there.

-- Ramza Beoulve (gecko717@singnet.com.sg), September 13, 2000.

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