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Here is my method to get items on expedition much easier (CAUTION:WON'T WORK 100% OF THE TIME) To get items easier you should wait about a minute after Colt asks you if you want to go back in the place and search around, this works for my golem that has 134 int. I tested it 3 times and it always worked so just tell me if it doesn't work.

-- Bloodshed (, February 03, 2000


I will let you know if this works Bloodshed, tomorrow. I am currently training a Metalner with 600+ Intelligence. It will probably find items most of the time, but I will try your method to see if he can't get an item everytime.

-- John Johnson (, February 03, 2000.

Seems a long time to wait. I will try it though and see if it works. I normally don't have much troubles on expeditions though because I have a Kasumi frozen to use especially for expeditions. She has almost 800 intelligence. But I will try your theory out and see how it works for monsters with less intelligence.

-- The Man (, February 03, 2000.

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