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I had quite the eventful day today. From suffering with terrible insomnia, to almost overdosing on cramp medication, to having my father play teacher in one of my classes, to participating in a student protest, to getting rear-ended by a well-known plastic surgeon.

What happened to you today?

-- suzen (, February 02, 2000


Ugh, good lord and butter, today was such a waste. I've got the cold from god's hell and it's damn near incapacitated me. So much so, that I couldn't attend my English(which I conveniently forgot to do the assignment for) Trig class. I spent the entire day on the couch watching Judge Judy and playing Scrabble on my PlayStation. I had to give mom a ring so she could bring home some juice. Brutha needs his Vitamin C, you know? The only thing halfway exciting about today was schooling a fair amount of the suckers on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I still just once, want Regis to yell, "Let's rock and roll!" Jesus God, I'm in dire need of a shave, a shower, a change of clothing, just a complete image upkeep overhaul. Perfect time to be a recluse.

-- ty (, February 02, 2000.

just one of those weird days....started out great. i slept in, woke up to a peaceful empty house, caught a ride to school with my cousin. went to school and spent the first hour cleaning up the bio lab, the second hour playing games in theatre class, then i was off to a student protest at Memorial University. all was going great, until i was in a car accident...the same one as suzen actually...not fun, not fun at all. but besides having an ugly little cut on my lip, and a sore lower back -thanks to the big shot doctor that hit us- i think i'll survive the rest of this day...only one hour, and two minutes left (thank god).

-- Jenna Fitzpatrick (, February 02, 2000.

To start with, three of my classmates were beaten by police officers last night and are now filing for police brutality. Then I was faced with the notion that if I don't tell the man I am in like/ove with that I am, in fact, in like/ove with him by the end of the second week of March, I'll have to wait two years to tell him. I missed four of my classes due to ignorant people, was threatened by my adviser that I may lose my position as editor of the newspaper, and lost my CD player. Then I rode around in one of my friends new cars while he blasted N'Sync (gag me with a rotary phone) and gave me mixed signals. To top it all off, my parents seem to think that I *purposely* try to piss them off. What fun.

-- Tiffany (, February 02, 2000.

It sucked.

-- Josh (, February 02, 2000.

I had a driving lesson with my best friend, she said I was acting like an airhead, and I know I was. But, I drove again tonight with my mom and it was AWESOME! I LOVE driving!!

-- Krystel (, February 02, 2000.

i woke up late this morning. well, this afternoon. kicked back my sheets and sighed at the monotony which my life seems to have taken on lately. but then remembered that sarah arrives tonight and smiled. i wandered downstairs in my tank top and underwear, its boiling hot outside, and made myself eggs on toast, because last night i watched oprah and they said that was good for you. i'm such an idiot.

so then the doorbell rang while i was holding the fry pan over the stove, my hair piled on my head in a mess, and i looked down at myself, grabbed one of dad's huge shirts, which covered enough of me, and opened it. standing there would have to be one of the best looking men i have ever seen in my life. dark hair, bright green eyes, a jaw square and defined. he was holding a package for my dad, which i had to sign for. it was huge, so the guy (whose nametag read "asher") wheeled it in for me. i politely asked if he wanted a cup of coffee, but he had other appointments to run to. but then! 'maybe another time?' he said, and i looked confused. he pointed to his clipboard and read out my phone number. i nodded in complete surprise, and he began to walk to the door. 'nice to meet you, asher' i said in a daze and shut the door behind me, leaning on it and taking in a huge breath. and the doorbell rang again. he smiled sheepishly 'uh, who do i ask for if i call?' i laughed and told him and then waved him goodbye.

so i've been sitting in front of the television, taking absolutely nothing in, trying to clean the burnt eggs off the pan and wondering exactly what just happened, and what the hell i was thinking. some guy now knows where i live, what my name is and my phone number and i don't even know whether asher is his real name.

i need a cigarette.

-- rach (, February 03, 2000.

my day was interesting as well. i got bitched out by my director, realized a lot about myself and about how the weather affects my moods -

and i watched the girl i love genuinely smile for the first time in months. i think, my day was nice. for a change. :)

-- Amber (, February 03, 2000.

my day was good .. until i got home from school. I spent most the day at school happily buzzing around organzing this weekend. big day out in perth. I come home to find that my dad has decided that he doesnt want me to go to it. So of course i am very very angry i go into a rage and start crying. I ring up my boyfriend and cry to him telling him how much i hate my father.

im still trying to work out a way where i can get my dad back. the fucking asshole.

-- samm (, February 03, 2000.

SUVs are stinkers. prominent plastic surgeons shouldn't be driving them. :) my day so far has included one skipped class due to extended showering and lots of quietness due to laryngitis. take care!

-- <3 xkevin (, February 04, 2000.

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