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Squire and her scuttling minions don't want the Doom Zombies to know the truth...repeatedly deleted

Check out:

For the truth about how the puss-bag SYSOPS began their lies and deception about deletions. For those of you who believe that people are deleted here based on past "spamming", read the truth...

-- Y2K pro (, February 01, 2000


Darn- Only got part of it. Oh well, go take a look at the thread if you get this far. The above post would make it appear I had a part in this conversation- I didn't. :)


-A computer glitch yadda yadda-

-- Jonathan Latimer (, February 01, 2000.

They are dancing around this issue by playing word games. They HAVE censored people.........that means they are being silenced for no other reason than they disagree with the basic premise of doom. SOME people are censored on the basis of WHERE they are posting from....THAT is bigotry IMB. Thankfully none of those wacky lunatics 'went off' and started a shooting spree or anything like that; I was afraid that might happen when 'doom' didn't envelop the planet Jan 1.

maybe it is a good thing they can 'let down easy' on their cult forum? maybe?

-- clueless (sysops@doom.losers), February 01, 2000.

I don't think they can "let down easy" on anything. These people (well, many of the more vocal ones anyway) are paranoid delusional. Their thread regarding the "deletions" and "hiding" of postings at the now-closed Debunker are proof positive of that.

I LMAO reading that thread. Apparently, "we" (the Debunkers) closed the forum to (a) hide "evidence"; and, (b) destroy said "evidence".

No, I have no idea what "evidence" they're babbling about.

Further proof of their psychoses can be seen in practically every thread where they are "reporting glitches". They aren't even bothering to mark many of the posts "OT" now, and the ones that are marked "OT" out-number anything Y2K-related.

It would be comical if it weren't so truly sad.

I really hope they get (professional) help before it's too late. (If it isn't already too late.)

-- Patricia (not@t.this.time), February 01, 2000.

you are right patricia, it is real sad. very sad. pathetic. but they brought this on themselves didn't they?

-- doomers (refuse@to.moveon), February 05, 2000.
Cesorship is an appalling idea. If the words of sysop number 1 didn't chill you to the bone, there is something wrong with you. and are these words indicitive of "group think" or "thought police"?

TIME to focus posters!


Diane Sysop #1

Notice that doesn't say "time to focus, posters!". It sounds more like a command from one sysop to another.

Whip those sheeple!

-- (thought@police.lost), April 19, 2000.

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