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What can anyone tell me about the minox III? I have heard great things about the minox C and there is a lot out there about the B series as well. But I have been hard pressed to find any oppinions on the III's. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

-- D Camargo (, February 01, 2000


Functionally Minox III has the same functions as Minox B, without the selenium meter. It is smallest focusing Minox.

Minox III has two color filters(green, orange ) instead of one color filter for B and no color filter for LX and later models.

Minox IIIs is a Minox III with flash sync.

III is harder to find and usually more expensive then B.

Since III has no exposure meter, unless you are very good at estimate intensity of light you need to carry a small exposure meter, thus make the combine package clumsier then a B or a C.

Among all the Minox 8x11, III and IIIs is best for B&W , because of the two built in color filters.

-- martin tai (, February 01, 2000.

I ALWAYS have a IIIs in my pocket. It is just so small that you can take it anywhere. After a while I got used to setting the speed somewhat exactly and don't really have problems with under-, overexposed pictures anymore. I also use a Minox 35mm flash (FC35) with a standard PC-cord on it from time to time and get really good results, no meter needed.

-- Uwe Salaschek (, February 01, 2000.

My IIIS is always on my belt. If you can live without a light meter, it's definitely the way to go. Nothing against the later models, but the IIIS is the summation of the first 20 years of Minox design and engineering, and is a simply gorgeous, perfect little thing... and a fabulous photographic instrument!

(You'll find there are MANY more IIISs than IIIs out there, and they generally cost a bit less and are a few years newer. Size is virtually the same, and the flash sync definitely comes in handy at times... So, unless you're a fanatical purist, the IIIS is the one to go for.)

-- Michael Goldfarb (, February 01, 2000.

David- The Minox IIIs doesn`t have three filters,it has two.The earlier ones have green and orange filters and the later ones have the green and neutral density(black) like the B models. My first Minox was a IIIs and I guestimated the shutter speeds with no problems.You don`t need a light meter with the IIIs if you have basic photographic knowledge,or if you don`t mind experimenting with a few rolls of film.(I surprised myself with how close I guessed the settings!) I also have a B now,and the light meter is nice,but the IIIs IS the classic Minox.(Best to conceal,too-I`m a private invesytigator.) -Lance Novak

-- Labce Novak (, February 01, 2000.

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