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What the hell is ICQ? I know NOTHING about technology or anything associated WITH technology. My friend Mark said it stands for "I Seek You" or something like that. Because if I can chat with ICQ, tell me how! Ohhhh.. lion on T.V. .....

-- Celious (, January 31, 2000


ICQ is a program that you can download. ICQ allows you to register other people(like your friends) on your personalized ICQ account. Everytime you are online and one of the people you have registered is you can tell. So when they are online you can open up a little chat room where just you and your friends can talk. You can make it so your ICQ number is available to anybody on the net and if the feel like talking to you they can. ICQ is a widely used program and fairly nifty. You can also e-mail back and forth through it if you don't want to chat and have just a couple of things to say. Very nifty.

-- The Man (, January 31, 2000.

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