Was "Time of your life" sung on ER or Chicago hope?

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I need to know a site (or some other proof) where I can direct a friend to which proves that Jeanie Boulet sang Green Day's "Time of your life" to the kid (son of the Chief Medical guy) dying of cancer. He thinks that this scenario happened on Chicago Hope. I know I'm right. He just needs proof before he admits he is wrong and pays up.

Thanks Ric

-- Richard Kerr (ric@clear.net.nz), January 31, 2000


If you go to the summary/review for "Shades of Gray" (here) in season 4, it mentions that Jeanie sings the song at Scott's funeral. The episode summary for "Gut Reaction" (here) mentioned that Scott is listening to the song when Jeanie enters.

So Jeanie never actually sang the song _to_ Scott, but she did sing it in his honor. I hope your friend will take these ER summaries as proof.

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-- April (ahassel@earthlink.net), February 01, 2000.

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