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is there an XLR adapter made for the VX 1000 camera comparable to the XLR made for the canon XL 1?

-- steven (, January 31, 2000


Steven, Check out looks like a good unit and will work on many different cameras. Can use any combination of two mics at once. Ex: one mini jack and one XLR or two mini jacks or two XLR mics. Looking to buy one myself when I can spare the funds.

-- mike marston (, February 14, 2000.

Check out Equipment Emporium at, it's a great site for all matters related to sound for film and video with really helpful advice on each make and model. They also produce a neat little XLR to miniplug adaptor cable for under $50.00 (mono or stereo) which allows you to plug a professional mic into a VX-1000. It has a build-inattenuator to surpress the 6 volts coming out of the mic input on the Sony VX-1000. I use it alot with a Audio Tecnica short shotgun which they recommend for ENG work and got FANTASTIC sound into my VX-1000.

-- kalunga (, February 24, 2000.

I own and use the XLR-PRO from Studio 1 and it's really nice. Others will recommend the Beachtek model, too but I know nothing about that one. XLR-PRO is totally passive and really clean--I even use it with my Steadicam JR system via a mini-plug extension cable up into the side of the camera. Write me if you're interested but I've posted shots of what I'm talking about on my website. Can't go wrong with one of these units--worth the extra $$$$$!

John Brune

-- John Brune (, March 14, 2000.

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