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Hyo, I have attended the first 2 weeks of class but am missing some class notes. There was an announcenment in class saying that class notes would be on the web, yet when I came to your home page and clicked on that page the class notes were not coming up. I was wondering if they are up yet or if I am doing something wrong? I was also wondering if you would be having a study session prior to our first exam? Thanks! Alissa M. Rivera

-- Alissa Rivera (, January 30, 2000


Response to class notes While you are at it... Alissa and all-

I assume that you are looking for the class notes -- not the learning objectives. If that's the case, they are not available yet (from Dr. Katz). All the other materials -- learning objectives, revised schedule, changed my phone number, my office hour, and others are available in this forum.

Whenever new class material is available, I will use this forum page to make an announcement of its availability -- NOT the static home page.

Of course, if you are are interested in, we can have a study session before the exam. In addtion, you can ask questions here at the forum so that I or Dr. Katz may answer the question.

Thanks. -hyo

-- Hyo Kim (, January 30, 2000.

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