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I've noted these as problem areas:

It should be a banned technique to go in and out of this hole in "tiptop"(and probably congo bongo, it's original, as well) in the third level. Why? It gives 1,000 points every time, which I would define as points leaching.

ALL tornbase(Tornado Baseball) recordings should be thrown out because it's a two player game. Is it already on the banned games list?

Since tranqgun is recordable in m33b4, and it's an old sega game... a LOT of people are about to take big hits on the scoreboard...

Something tells me NO trog game will playback...

In the trojan games... it is possible to points leech in the third stage of this game... and that technique should be banned.

Any comments on what I've written?

-- Gameboy9 (, January 30, 2000


carnvckt should be banned because it wasn't emulated until the .35 series... it's an old sega game and couldn't be recorded at all because m33b4 was required.

-- Gameboy9 (, January 31, 2000.

You should have numbered them for easy reference. I'll take them in order from 1 - 5.

1. Are you sure that you can do this ad infinitum? I thought the holes eventually close up or more hippos/rhinos (can't remember) come until it is impossible to to survive. If you can do it forever with no danger then it ought to be banned. Then we have to decide how many times is it permissible to go in and out of a hole - not an easy one to answer.

2. If you are correct it ought to be banned. Dunno if it is on the list.

3. Don't know what you are talking about - please explain.

4. I played back D J Kix's recording with no problem. An excellent recording that shows real skill at the game - well worth the watch. Refer to board message title 'Another recording that needs to be checked (stephen krogman, 1999-11-01)'. I can't speak for it being a legitimate recording but it looks ok. I also can't speak for the other Trog recordings as I haven't seen them.

5. Explain - where, how, why? Indicate a recording or something.

-- Tim Morrow (, January 31, 2000.

3. Remember the "sega old games rule"? You have to record old sega games(like tranqgun in this case) on MAME version 33 beta 4 or it doesn't play back. Stupid rule made by MAMEDEV... but it's there... and last I remember if a game doesn't playback, it doesn't count :(

5. I think in area 3, you can use a jump about five times, beat up a few enimies for 1,000 points each. There are two jumps in that vicinity with the same purpose. This I don't have a problem with. BUT, if you go to the left edge of the screen(or thereabouts), you can jump and still beat up enimies for 1,000 points / pop, earning about... oh I'd say .8 bonus lives / 1 actual life. Still... it's not proceeding with the game, last I remember that's illegal... if it isn't... I'll call a vote to make it illegal... I hope :)

This evidence is found on the 1st place recording on both trojan and trojanj sets. It will go through the first loop legally, w/o points leeching, then it will do it's massive score boosting tricks in the second loop.

-- Gameboy9 (, January 31, 2000.

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