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In the past, I have always sworn by Xtol (1+2) as my film developer. I have noticed that for this developer, I always need at least 100ml of Xtol stock per roll of film to prevent underdevelopment.

Recently, I am shooting some extremely dark stage shots and will be trying Delta 3200 at 12,500 and developing it in Ilfotec DD-X. I ran a test roll today and developed it at the Ilford recommendation of 1+4 dilution (60ml + 240ml). The result was about 1 stop underdevelopment. Can anyone tell me whether this is caused by using less than 100ml of stock Ilfotec DD-X? If not, can anyone explain the underdevelopment I observed?

I have not varied my metering or shooting method. Should I compensate my metering in any way when shooting at 12,500? I am currently using EOS-3 as my primary body and Elan II as back up.

Thanks very much.

-- David Hou (, January 29, 2000


Seems like my stage was better illuminated on Saturday, as I got away with Tmax 3200 pushed to 6400 in DD-X.

Developing Delta 3200 in Xtol 1:1 or in DD-X, I found Ilfords time to be 20% too short. I did not calibrate the negs, but the Delta 3200 shot at 6400 developed in DD-X for 120% of recommended time printed rather well on grade 1-2, depending on paper.

I use a 470 ml tank, so 95 ml DD-X plus 375 ml water.

If you look down the old threads, John Hicks gave some of his recommendations on Delta 3200 and developer.

BTW, do not worry too much about your metering, I shot with a F3, developed the Tmax3200 (E.I. 6400)for 17.5 mins at 180C and printed the illuminated ones on grade 0.8-1.5 and the dark ones at 4-4.5.



-- Wolfram Kollig (, January 31, 2000.

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