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Does anyone in the Society have a list of the SCL Company Ballast Service cars, and to which Division that they were assigned? These are the black offset side cars with the yellow center panels. Thanks!

Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (, January 29, 2000


The Division Assignments are stenciled in small, black letters, about the same size as the data, and are located in the lower left corner of the yellow band in the center of the car. If others will check their photos of these cars, we may be able to form a list of which cars were assigned to which divisions, and when the assignments took place. Here are the cars I have currently, with when and where I shot them:

SCL #767325 Assigned to WAYX Div. Savannah, Ga. 3/82 SCL #767504 Assigned to RAL. Div. Collier Yd 10/85 SCL #767468 Assigned to RAL. Div. Boykins, Va. 2/7/82

-- Russell Underwood (, February 07, 2000.

These cars were rebuilt from the older former ACL and SAL covered phosphate cars (ACL 9000 series, SAL 58000-59000 series) by removing the roofs. A prototype rebuild was turned out of the Waycross shops in Oct. 1967, number 767000. Unlike later cars, it did not have the yellow panel in the middle of the car. In 1968, the Tampa shops continued the program and rebuilt 601 additional cars, 767001-767601, between then and 1974. Fifty more cars were rebuilt in 1974 and numbered in the 767800-767849 series. None of my photos of these cars show division assignments stenciled on them; normally, if cars had division assignments, this was included in the car lettering.

-- Larry Goolsby (, February 07, 2000.

Russell, I don't have a list of them, but I can tell you (after working my first regural job in 1977 as the flagman on the Trego Turn that worked the quarry there) that they were called "yellow bellies".

-- Doug Riddell (, January 31, 2000.

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