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I have mounted 5x7 Fiber based pics in the past using just the "sticky corner" items. But the FB paper always curls some more after being framed, despite many early days under a stack of books. So today I tried mounting a pic on a mat with a spray adhesive but I had a devil of a time trying to line it up, in part because the photo still curled. Also it seems that that the spray got over everything including the photo, which I had to throw away. Suffice it to say, it was a disaster. Should I invest in a heater that will dry the photos flat (if indeed they do) and are there any suggestions on mounting the print the best way? Any help is appreciated!!.

-- Bart (, January 29, 2000


i mount in what i was told is museum style. here's how it works:

2 sheets of matting board, one cut with the kind of window you want. linen tape photo to be mounted

lay the photo face down on the back side of the matboard with the window and get it lined up as you want it. (that part is a little tricky, and often involves some trial and error.) when you get it lined up as you want it, put a strip of linen tape across the top, so that the photo will hang behind the window. then, lay the uncut piece of matboard next to the one with the photo taped on. get them lined up, and make run a strip of tape along the seam between the two, thus hinging them together. fold the two together so that the photo is sandwiched in. some people then run a strip of two-sided tape along one of the inside surfaces to keep the whole thing closed, but i don't. the hinge holding it together is enough. voila, you've matted in an archival, easily reversible way.

provided the *edges* on your prints aren't stiffly rumpled, then this method will give you a flat, even-looking photo when it's all stuck in a frame.

good luck.

-- brad daly (, January 30, 2000.

I used FB paper for years but switched to Ilford Deluxe RC for everyday prints. I do use Luminos textured FB papers for special items.


1. Do you dry them face down on fiberglass screens? This lessens the drying curl tremendously. These screens are simple to make.

2. You might want to consider a dry mounting press and dry mount tissue. Older Seal models can be had for a couple of hundred or less. I realize this creates a totally permanent bond but it definitely solves the FB curling problem. I have portfolio boxes filled with fine prints from the late 70's and 80's and they are beautiful mounted this way.

-- Todd Frederick (, January 30, 2000.

PS...right now I do only 5x7 prints and intend to return to some serious FB printing. You can do 5x7 (and even 8x10) dry mounting with an ordinary household clothing iron (on dry, of course!)...just put a piece of brown wrapping paper between the print and the iron. You can also use the dry iron to tack the dry mount tissue to the back of the print.

-- Todd Frederick (, January 30, 2000.

3M also makes a repositionable mounting adhesive paper. I use it when I can't get over to my friends mounting press. The system employs a an adhesive that is mounted on a piece of butcher paper and that is pressed onto the back of the print, the paper is peeled off, and the print is pressed onto the mount board. Very simple to use and very effective. 3M positionable adhesive. James

-- Mr.Lumberjack (, January 30, 2000.

If you're going to print FB paper and do your own matting/ yourself a favor and buy a decent dry mount press. Get a nice Seal or Bogen. They come in various platen sizes. Get the size the is a few inches bigger than your maximum printing size. For example, if you print 8x10, get the 11x14 model. You could buy smaller sized presses, but you'd have to do sections at a time. The few extra dollars spent on a bigger platen are well worth it. You will not regret the purchase.

-- Paul Klingaman (, February 03, 2000.

I print on fiber based paper and have an artist hand tint them. She won't touch them until they are mounted. What I use is a dry mount press. And the only product that works is self-adhesive foam core.

-- Debra (, February 18, 2000.

Dry mount them! It also helps to dry them face down.

-- LEA (ZOLMAN911@AOL.COM), March 04, 2000.

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