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From the U of Tennessee

Students encounter bugs in new registration system Steve Gillman Staff Writer

When students dialed up the telephone registration system to register for Spring semester, they were met with a few surprises: a new female voice, a new set of options and several frustrating bugs. While the system, which was revamped at the end of last semester, has its problems, many administrators believe that the overall result was not negative. "It was very typical," said Dean of Admissions and Records Richard Bayer. "It was a very busy time of the year and we switched to a new vendor. These could have caused a few problems." Bayer said that Periphonics had handled the registration system before the switch to EPOS, a company that has done other computer work with the university. But many students have expressed concerns with the efficiency of the new system and the problems with the addition of even more students to one system. "There are a lot of cut-offs and it takes you forever to get back into the system on a busy day," said Richard Perry, a sophomore in geology. "When you cannot get back in, sometimes you can lose a whole planned schedule since classes fill up so quick." Delays in the system itself are not the only concerns of the student body. "The system itself does not keep up with the actual classes," said Jason Davis, a sophomore in journalism. "You end up getting enrolled in the class and it could be a week before the teacher has you on the roll." Bayer said he feels this problem is already being addressed and that the administration is working to fix the glitches. "The system is so busy, it is almost impossible to produce a class list that is up to date," Bayer said. "Outside callers posed a problem and we did not have as many lines available this time." Despite the problems, Computing and Networking Services is satisfied with the results so far. "We would have liked 100 percent success for this system, but we are pleased we had as few bugs as we had," said Dewitt Lattimer, the director of CNS for the university. "The next go-round should be much smoother." Many feel a new system might be the solution to the problem, a solution that might not be too far off according to Bayer. "We want to introduce Web registration. A system like this should delay busy calls and most of the garble should be reduced," Bayer said. "We would be able to provide a new roll every single day with this system." According to Bayer, the new system could be available as early as this summer.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), January 29, 2000

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