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Brazil - No bugs reported on 1/1/00


INTRO: Brazil, Latin America's largest country and economy, is experiencing no major problems related to the Y-2-K computer bug. But as V-O-A's Bill Rodgers reports from Rio de Janeiro, authorities continue to monitor the situation and say an important test will come on Monday when financial institutions open for business.

TEXT: Brazilian Defense Ministry spokesman Ronaldo Brito says the critical moment passed without incident after midnight - telling reporters no disruptions related to the Y-2-K computer bug were reported in Brazil. Based on satellite images, Colonel Brito said electrical power continued operating normally throughout the country. The nation's telecommunications systems also continued functioning, though there were some temporary problems - especially in cell phone communications - because of heavy use around midnight.

Colonel Brito said a government team assembled at the Defense Ministry to deal with potential Y-2-K problems broke into applause shortly after midnight - after it became clear the country would experience no disruptions related to the millennium bug. However, he warned an important test will come on Monday when the financial sector reopens for business. Bank and other financial institutions are spending this weekend running tests on their computers to ensure they are indeed Y-2-K compliant.

The government monitoring team will continue operating until January fifth - but even before midnight on New Year's Eve it became clear Latin America's largest nation would experience no major problems. Shortly before midnight, the Defense Ministry announced it was canceling an emergency plan calling for the intervention of the armed forces to maintain order in the event of major power outages.

Instead, Brazilians throughout the country joyfully celebrated the arrival of the year 2000 and the dawn of the new millennium. Some three-million people gathered in Rio de Janeiro's famed Copacabana beach to greet the new year and watch a 20-minute fireworks display - billed as one of the biggest in the world.

Some precautions related to the millennium bug were taken in Brazil. Airline flights were suspended for half an hour between 11:45 pm and 12:15 am, but air traffic has since resumed normally. In all, Brazil's public and private sector spent an estimated two-billion dollars preparing for the Y-2-K changeover - and so far the fears of possible major disruptions appear to be unfounded.



01-Jan-2000 10:30 AM EDT (01-Jan-2000 1530 UTC) NNNN

Source: Voice of America


Federation of American Scientists website - Millenia Monitor

-- Lee Maloney (, January 29, 2000

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