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New Zealand News from The Press - Friday, January 28, 2000

FRIDAY, JAN 28, 2000: Council's computer system defended

Christchurch City Council management has moved to reassure Mayor Garry Moore and councillors about alleged problems with its new $5.7 million computer system.

The Press this week revealed that the council's Famis computer system could face further delays, and that about 20 per cent of the council's computers would be unable to cope with one part of the new system (Gems), so would need replacement.

In a memo obtained by The Press, council operations director Ken Lawn said that while staff had difficulties with some modules, the project was being successfully implemented and was projected to come in under its total $5.7m budget.

"We will successfully go live with the balance of the Gems modules when we have a proven technical environment and we are ready to implement them successfully," Mr Lawn said. He disputed claims in The Press that the project was a disaster.

However, since Wednesday's article, other council staff have contacted The Press, backing the comments. One source said the situation was much worse than the article suggested.

The source also said relevant council staff had advised for months that the Gems system may not work in the council's current Windows operating environment.

The council has banked on the replacement of about 200 computers to cope with the new system, which Mr Lawn said was compatible with the normal turnover rate. However, he said yesterday buying 200 new machines over six months would mean "some peaks and bringing forward of replacements/upgrades".

-- Martin Thompson (, January 28, 2000


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-- Martin Thompson (, January 28, 2000.

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