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Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows what would cause elevator car doors to jump of their 'hinges' - similar to glass sliding doors.

Visiting a client in a building, and was riding the oildraulic elevator back down from the 3rd floor when it stopped on the 1st floor and only the external doors opened as well as 1 car door 2/3 of the way creating a bit of a tight squeeze to get out.

Upon taking a look it appeared that the door had jumped off its hinges, it was crooked on an angle.

After coming back about 30 mins later, the lift was in operation so I'm not sure if it self corrected (if it can), or the lift company came and went that quickly.

Regards, Shaun.

-- Shaun Ewing (, January 28, 2000


Were these sliding doors, or swinging? The term hinges would apply to swinging, but I believe you are talking about horizontally sliding doors. These usually are suspended on rollers which ride on a track. Wouldn't take long to put the door(s) back on the track. Not enough information to say much more.

You said the elevator was "oildraulic". Was it made by DOVER or ROTARY? "OILDRAULIC" is their registered trademark.

-- John Brannon (, January 28, 2000.

Response Door Jam

They were power sliding doors. The elevator was approximately 10 years old.

The elevator was made by Dover. I can't say I've ever heard of Rotary, here in Australia the only elevators I've seen and can recall were made by:

Otis Kone Schindler ;and Dover

Regards, Shaun.

-- Shaun Ewing (, January 28, 2000.

ROTARY was the predecessor of DOVER; the "OILDRAULIC" was originally a name coined by the Rotary Lift Company, which later became DOVER.

DOVER subsequently sold all its elevator business to THYSSEN.

If there is anything further I can answer, please let me know.

John Brannon

-- John Brannon (, February 01, 2000.

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