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How to use Minox 8x11 to keep a microfiche of your own X-ray records.

-- martin tai (, January 28, 2000


Last time my physio therapist wanted to see my X-ray records. I went to my radiologist and borrow my X-ray records, which were kept altogether in a large brown envelop. I brought it home. The therapist appointment was several days away.

I thought, why not take a copy of all my X-ray records with my Minox ?

After development, the negative strip contains a (positive ) micro -records of my X-rays.

This is another application of Minox.

-- martin tai (, January 28, 2000.

How did the negs turn out? Can you blow them up into anything useable? Do you happen to know a doctor, personally, that you can get to evaluate the negative?

Interesting expiriment in any case.

-- Sean (, February 01, 2000.

Sean, I have'nt enlarge any of the X ray negative yet. In the event of the original X ray record folder is lost, then I may think about enlarge the negative into 8x10" sheet film.

At this moment, it is rather as a microfiche experiment, for fun than for practical use :)

-- martin tai (, February 01, 2000.

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