What are you best at?

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What are y ou best at?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), January 27, 2000


now, at this time, i feel i am best at inter- personal relationships. and i think i have found a niche in which to try to improve it.

i sat for a long time trying to think of a better terminology than, "inter-personal relationships," i found a few but they too euphemistic for my throat to swallow. others would take a lot of beating about the bush to do much good.

so, there it is.


-- doug (ionoi@webtv.net), January 28, 2000.

I am best at computer-related things. Programming, designing websites, creating graphics, etc. Give me a computer and a computer book and I'll have an entire new programming language learned within 24 hours. I guess this is because of the fact that I have been on computers since I was about 1 year old. *Smile*


-- Meg (meghlcl@aol.com), January 29, 2000.

Speaking from my heart about God and other deeply personal matters without embarrassment or bragging.

-- Chris Hawkins (peace@clover.net), January 29, 2000.

thumb wrestling. undefeated.

besides that, I think teaching. I'm rather new to it, but I think I have at least succeeded in engaging the students in my class...connecting to them.

-- Bob Beltran (bobbeltran@hotmail.com), February 07, 2000.

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