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Does anyone have experience keeping tomatoes for long periods of time over the winter, successfully? If so, what varieties did you find best, and how did you keep them? I have tried one or two years to keep them in shallow boxes in our basement, sometimes wrapped, some not, and they for the most part, kept a couple months at most. I thought I read a few years ago of a variety that would hold for several months, but have lost the info.

Second, does anyone want to swap seeds that would be suitable for northern area gardens? I have quite a selection, both vegies and flowers, as well as a few seeds from Hawaii. Let me know, what you want/need, and would like to swap. Thanks, and don't give up, spring will be here before we know it! Jan

-- Janice Bullock (, January 27, 2000


Hi Janice. The only hybrid tomato variety I grow is Longkeeper. It was originally from Burpee but I think several companies offer it. We had fresh Longkeepers for New Year's dinner this year and ate the last ones a couple of weeks ago. The challenge to them is that they are yellow at maturity and when sliced, the flesh is yellow and red mottled. The flavor isn't like a fresh summer grown tomato and to me has a lemony aftertaste. It sure beats the grocery store offerings all to pieces at any rate.

-- Marilyn Dickerson (, January 28, 2000.

Hi, Janice. I'd love to trade seeds. I have a good selection of short season and heirloom tomatoes among other things.I like squash and gourds, but they are tricky to save seed for as they have to be hand pollinated.What kind of seeeds do you have? Here are some of the tomato varieties that I have, if anyone else wants to trade,great! The asterisk will indicate if it is for northern climates and does well here.Brandywine, Large Red Cherry, Jubilee(yellow),Yellow Plum,Sandpoint*, Kootenai*,Purple Calabash(this one is really weird),Siberian*,Orange Queen,Sausage(limited supply),Wayahead,Nepal*,Gold Nugget,Oregon Spring*,Djena Lee's(rare russian heirloom),Rutgers,Yellow Bell,principe Borghese,Tiptop,Gardener's delight(cherry),Golden Queen,Caro Rich,Angora*(has white fur all over the plant,productive and early) Silvery Fir Tree*(has finely cut leaves,early),Amish paste,New Rainbow,Hillbilly,Roma VF,Pruden's Purple(not sure about how much of this one I have),Opalka,Yellow Pear,Nova*(paste type).

-- Rebekah (, January 28, 2000.

We had most success with Yellow Brandywines and an unidentified yellow cherry tomato. Only for a few weeks though, and taste really suffered. We figure you can get keepers that taste like store bought if you want, but we'd rather enjoy the real thing in season!!! David C.

-- David and Kim (, January 28, 2000.

Rebecca: I am currently trying to make an inventory of what seeds I have. Will post the list as soon as I get it done. Keep getting interrupted, so it may be a couple more days! thanks! Jan

-- Jan Bullock (, February 02, 2000.

I am a member of Seed Savers Exchange, and will gladly send you info pertinent thereto. I have a bunch of seed adaptable to the north (Maine) and would be glad to trade. Contact me at my address and we can talk without garbaging up every one else's screen. My interest is primarily heirlooms, but I'm interested in anything open-pollenated.

-- Brad (, February 03, 2000.

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