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Check out the Article on CNNfn on January 27th:

-- Researcher (, January 27, 2000


Y2K is not politically correct in Texas. To be fair, since the state relies so greatly on the petrochem and IT industries an objective observer might appreciate why attention is diverted from Y2K as an issue. Observers should remember that much of the money going into election politics will be forthcoming from these sources, so it would not be a politically astute act to fan the flames of public unease. I know first hand from work and from IT friends that awareness ofthe Y2K issue is alive and well in Texas.Do not expect it to be covered in the media, however. Actually, if it were not for the forum we would have very little unfiltered information outside of our immediate contacts and the links posted here are invaluable to people who are interested in what is transpiring across the world. Back to lurking and learning.

-- charlie in houston (, January 27, 2000.

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