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The Herald Sun, Australia

Toll dodge brings chaos


TENS of thousands of motorists are dodging CityLink tolls, causing peak-hour chaos in suburban streets.

Transport Minister Peter Batchelor yesterday revealed more than 70,000 toll evaders were avoiding the $2 billion expressway each day. It was almost double the number Transurban predicted would shun the tollway, he said.

He said motorists were choosing key suburban routes in a bid to avoid paying CityLink tolls.

And, for the first time, he revealed computer problems were delaying the opening of the Domain Tunnel.


Mr Batchelor confirmed a Herald Sun report this week that the Domain Tunnel was unlikely to open before March.

"There are some computer problems," he said.

He said there were problems linking the Domain Tunnel to the central computer system. Transurban spokesman Andrew Male said there were a number of outstanding issues to be resolved, particularly a licence to operate the tunnel from the Environment Protection Authority. "TOJV has not completed commissioning the central management computer," he said.


-- Lee Maloney (, January 27, 2000


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-- Lee Maloney (, January 27, 2000.

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