ex offers voluntary re-possession, I foot the bill? help

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Took out a mortgage with the Leeds Perm(now Halifax)1989. Left husband and marital home in 1992. Husband rented house out and responsible for paying mortgage. My name remained on the mortgage and I kept regular contact with the Halifax so that if their were any problemns then they would contact me. Last week I received anarrangement negotiation letter requesting #21,000 shortfall as ex had sent the keys in and offered voluntary repossession at the end of October99. On contacting them they acknowledged that they had failed to contact me before this letter 1 - Because it was Christmas

2 - Because someone pressed the wrong key andso I missed out on a previous letter


-- C.Davies (gadgee@btinternet.com), January 27, 2000


I hadn't quite finished there and I shot off into repo-forum!

Anyway 3 They did not have an address for me, which I found very surprising as I spoke to them at the begining of November to request a statement and they made no mention of re-possession.

I don't have #21,000, I have no interest in the house, I have contacted a solicitor but I am worried about how this will affect my credit rating and how to negotiate this. Any suggestions welcome. Can the Halifax repossess when only one person hands in the keys ?

-- C.Davies (gadgee@btinternet.com), January 27, 2000.

They can indeed repossess when only one person hands in the keys. However, that they appear to have breached their promise/contract with you would be a very useful defence for you in court. In effect, you appear to have made arrangements for you to prevent repossession were the Halifax to have called upon you.

Keep what written records you have, and if asked for meony, point out that you are not getting the benefits you expected from their side of the bargain you had with them - which were ownership of the house.

Get proper legal advice as well. You need it.

Hope this helps,


-- Lee (repossession@bigfoot.com), January 28, 2000.

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