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My house (which incidentally is 50/50 shared ownership) is being repossessed. I am currently living in the marital home with my husband, and the mortgage for this property is in his name only. Do my building society have any rights over his property and if so, would getting divorced protect it?

Also, does anyone know anything about repossessing housing association properties?

-- S. Starbuck (, January 27, 2000


I'm not totally sure I understood your question. If you mean you are living in a home whose mortgage entirely in your husband's name, no they lender can't touch it. You are still liable in full for the house that is being repossessed.

Being as poor as possible after repossession will help you fend off any claims that are made against you in future. Ie, keep your husband's income out of any claims that are made against you and increase your own outgoings as much as possible so that you are living in the red, so to speak. But only if a claim is eventually made against you.

Hope this helps,


-- Lee (, January 28, 2000.

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