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I have been reading all the tips for customizing the smart.cgi code and have read the command deleteitem. Does anyone know the requirements that need to be added in the web address smart.cgi?command=deleteitem ??? to get the script to delete the specified items?

Or is there another way to remove a item on the review page?



-- Junie (, January 27, 2000



For me, (using static web pages, not the database) the command delete item clears the whole cart.

If you pull up the cart with items in it, change the quantity from 1 to 0, recalculate and that will delete a specific item.

The code for deleting the whole cart: CLEAR ITEMS IN CART

That is what works for me anyway...


-- Stephen Warriner (, January 27, 2000.

The answer is simple: look at

Three droplists for SIZE, COLOR, OPTIONS. These are User-definable in the configuration

Built in MAILING LIST ENGINE. 'Farms' email addresses from orders.

Automatic Navigation Tables (header and footer) from groups.

Multiple payment methods (CC, Phone, Online Checks, Fax). All are user configured and the script writes all the HTML. Add or subtract a payment method at any time.

Automatic creation of a separate page for EVERY ITEM in the database.

Image attributes in administrator.

Groups stay checked in administrator when editing.

Runs COMPLETELY on SSL Sever (if desired).

Edit 'groups' through administrator.


Maintains a log of visitors (in addition to a mailing list).

SMART-STORE) now has a 'PRINTABLE LIST" Button. The customer can get a list or catalog sheet of all the items in the store which can be printed. This is a valuable customer tool to help browse the store and again as an aid in ordering.

SMART-STORE) can now be navigated with or without images by the customers choice. The Number ONE Reason for leaving a web site is because of slow loading pages. By being able to browse the store and decide to view only the images of items the customer is looking for will 'keep them in the store!

Etc., etc..

You can have the code:

On some browsers you can right click with your mouse and 'save as fike' otherwise just 'save sourse' from the screen

Thanks, Greg Swofford

-- Gregory Swofford (, January 27, 2000.

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