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Adult or chld---which are you at heart?--Al

-- Albert William Schroeder III (, January 26, 2000


in every man, i think, is a child on the brink, of bursting the seams of the husk of the aged. unfortunately, the child stays, only showing through the quizzical eyes of a now obselete body. damn right i am a child and always will be, and i'll take ya all on to prove it.


-- doug (, January 26, 2000.

I am in between the two. I am still young enough to have the right to act like a child at some times, but then again I am aged enough to be mature and sophisticated all the time. I'm more of a business woman than a child at heart. Most of the time I am too serious, but there is a little part of me that loves sitting in the sunroom watching the rain cascade down the glass window panes, coloring in a coloring book and chanting to a friend "neener-neener, I stayed inside the lines..."


-- Meg (, January 26, 2000.

Both in some ways - I was talking about this in a journal entry recently and with some friends. If someone catches me off guard I never know how old I am - I have to work it out. A lot of the time I act younger then I am. Yet in other ways I can see how i've matured. In work, I am managing a mortgage on my own, in the way I respond to criticism. Yet I'll still sit down and watch Disney films and I'm like a five year old in a playstore.

I'm coming to the conclusion that age is a state of mind.
Just Stopping By

-- Caoimhe (, January 27, 2000.

to refine what i said yesterday, and to agree with caoimhe moderately. i also admit that age is something that a only a creaky body registers. to the young i think age is a state of being that will happen somewhere in the dim future strangely mixed with thoughts of, "what i want to be when i am grown up."

and at my age that mysterious mixture is still present.

-- doug (, January 27, 2000.

child. definetely. unfortunately, that leaves my wife in the position of having to be the adult. God bless her, she does it well. I am not that sad of a case, though. I do know how and when to put on my serious husband or father hat on. I can play the knight in shining armor quite well, thank you. I can also give the stern look and seriously deep-voiced command "I said, do what your mother told you to do....NOW!" with great conviction.

But at the end of the day, when the rest of the house is asleep, you'll find me playing Madden 99 or Tiger Woods Golf....


-- Bob Beltran (, January 27, 2000.

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