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This is part of longer article by ABC new on January 4th. I don't remember seeing it before so if has been previously posted I apoligize for the repeat post.


The 2/29 Bug Our feeling here at AT&T is that we wont close the book on Y2K until Feb. 29, said company spokesman Dave Johnson. First of all, we need all our billing systems to run a full cycle and then we want to take a close look at the leap year. Leap year? This year has 366 days, while 1900 did not. The Y2K computer problem will not simply go away. Due to the extra day issue, it will even nag us on Dec. 31. As programmer Lane Core likes to say in Internet columns that harangue what he considers mainstream medias simplistic coverage of the issue: Y2K is not a one-time event. Its a chronic condition.


-- Martin Thompson (, January 26, 2000

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