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I am way too cheap to buy my own secure certificate. However, my server (for an extra $20/Mo.) will allow me to upload a file to their secure section (under their certificate).

My problem is that I have more than one store to do. What I would like to do is have the cart process the order in my regualar cgi-bin. Then have it upload the order info to a secure form. Then, from the secure form send out the email to the approprate vendor/customer.

Has anyone done this? Any tips?


-- Stephen Warriner (, January 26, 2000


This isn't an answer to your problem (When it comes to CGI I only know how to hack it for customization purposes), however, as of the moment I'm using Hypermart to host all my files for the shopping cart because for some reason my ISP won't e-mail my orders to my if under a SSL environment like I previously said in another message. Since I'm cheap as well, and since hypermart is free, I'm using that. And no ads when under SSL environment too. It's not a solution to your problem but I thought you might want to know. Also, thanks for answering my previous problem. I think I'm going to first attemp what BP suggested. Although when it comes to programming I...

-- Ekin (, January 26, 2000.

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