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I predict that the DOW will end January at a new all-time high. If you remember, it was down for the year on January 6, which was the fourth trading day of they year. It had a big jump on January 7 to put it above its December 31 close. Because the first five trading days of the year are a very good predictor of the market's final close at year-end, the powers that be manipulated the DOW so that it would not show a big loss for the first five days.

The January close is also considered a good predictor for the year. The DOW is now several hundred points below its high for the month and a few hundred below its December 31 close. I expect TPTB to manipulate it again.

-- Mr. Adequate (, January 26, 2000


Mr. A,

Can TPTB manipulate the market forever? It seems that basic laws of physics would be overriding tptb right now.


-- New (, January 26, 2000.

Mr. Adequate, do you predict that the Bear market for the MAJORITY of stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ will continue it's 18 month run?????


-- Ray (, January 26, 2000.

It is very unlikely that hte DOW and S&P will make new highs before the end of the month. The S&P made its all time high at the end of Dec. and is now 4-5 percent below its high.

-- Dave (, January 26, 2000.

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