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I have had a house repossessed that i bought with an ex boyfriend of mine, what i want to know is, in the time that this was going on i married someone else, could the lenders put my husband responsible for the debt i have occurred. The house we live in is all in my husbands name, in fact everything we own is in his name i.e. car

-- Pauline Hughes (, January 26, 2000


It's got nothing to do with your husband and his stuff should remain separate.

But if you are eventually chased for a shortfall, it's in your interests not to mention your husband's income and to have as high outgoings as you can muster yourself. In other words, be short of cash on paper so that you are not worth suing.


-- Lee (, January 28, 2000.

R U the same Pauline ... ?

R U EX-academy 5 yrs ago - Dungannon

mail me back if you are

-- Daniel Boyle (, February 08, 2001.'s not that simple. Once you are married you *can* each be held liable for the other's debts. I have been clobbered for my ex-husband's debts, went to court, the lot, but they still insisted that I had to pay as we were married at the time the debts were incurred by him. Make sure nothing is ever in joint names..and do as Lee says..but if they are persistent he can still be caught. If you think about it, people could transfer assets to other family members all the time just to avoid debts. If the house was in his name before the repossession took place you are OK...but if you bought it as a married couple, regardless of who is on the deeds, they might go after it. They did mine.

-- Too scared to say (, February 08, 2001.

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