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Hello everyone, take a second and let me know how it looks and navigates please, thanks.


-- mark lindsey (, January 26, 2000



Excellent photography.

No, I didn't want to download liquid motion the first time your page asked me and by the tenth time I was a little tired of being asked. As always, it is a nuisance to have the little geocities box pop-up on every screen. Lastly, although I like the effect of your name fading in and out I thought it took too long before I could actually look at your site.

I am definitely impressed with your grasp of B&W photography. The thumbnails seemed a little small and/or if you want them small, why spread them out on five pages? Is it because you like lots of white space (black in your case)? If that is the reason, I agree. I think it looks clean.

What format do you shoot?


-- Rick Stiles (, January 26, 2000.

I liked many of your images and thought the first page was interesting. It would appear that some of them could be somewhat sharper, even for web pages. Also, the Liquid Motion thing about drove me nuts. I would try to use the same color background as the thumbnail pages--black--for everything. I would also center the larger images on the screen. The last issue concerns the navigation--I found it a little difficult since there are no back buttons; instead, one needs to close the window. is there any way to get the pages to load faster?

Hope you don't mind the comments--I just went through this myself and have had a lot of help from others (some of it rather pointed). One last thing, I could not get your email to work from within the site.


-- david Myers (, February 14, 2000.

Mark, I admire your efforts. But I have to agree with the above posts. The liguid motion stuff loading with each page drove me off the site. And of course the ads that had to be closed each time I loaded a new page are a pet peeve of mine. Also , why have two entrance pages ? Could'nt you put the link info all on the first page, rather than have us go through two pages to get to the images, etc. ?

-- jim megargee (, February 17, 2000.

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