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This is the first time I've returned to the Shack in a long time. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my favorites still come here. A lot has happened in my life. In some ways nothing has. One thing consistant is my passion for Cameron's film. The intervals between each viewing gets longer, but I still often listen to my favorite 3 tracks from the first soundtrack, and recall the corresponding part of the film (the flying scene, jumping back on the ship, the dream/heaven scene). My life is anything but stable. Since November, things have been too busy. I'm in good health, thankfully. Would each faithful also contribute a little? How has your life changed since originally contributing to this site? Does your heart go on for the film? What Titanimaniac behavior do you still have but are afraid to admit to most?

-- BobG (, January 25, 2000


AUGH!!! BOB!!!! I've missed you!

Well, let's see. Bob, Dan Draghici and Dan Dalton were, I believe, the first Titanic fanatics I met. We met way back at Mr Showbiz when the movie first came out. At the time, Ralph was overseas and I was just barely a Junior at California State University, Long Beach. The Titanic Boards were the first I ever visiting while using my computer. I didn't go anywhere else! I saw the movie 12 times in theaters, and innumerable times at home.

Now, I still have the CD's in my car, and I still listen to them, particularly when I am feeling melancholy. I (finally) graduated. No more whining about school! I watch the movie whenever I have a chance, but usually when I am alone. Ralph just doesn't understand. When I talk to people, sometimes a Titanic reference will slip in and I just smile while they look at me odd.

And everytime I see or hear about Tofu, I think of you, Bob! =)

-- Misty (, January 25, 2000.

Hi Bob!!

I, too, have been pretty busy these last few months. Sadly, I've lost more members of my family than I care to think about--but on a positive note, we also have a few new additions in our little "global community" (I have an extremely large family spread out over the world--last count was close to sixty first cousins alone and going up all the time). I am nearing the end of my Bachelor's in English (yeah!!)--of course, that just means its time to start the Masters. As for Titanic--I still love it. I wish I had more time so I can watch it again (I'm one of those people that has to watch it straight through. I can't watch part today and part tomorrow and another part the next day... I did it once and it kinda ruined it for me). But at least I still have my CDs!! (Except that the original soundtrack has developed a scratch on Rose's theme and needs to be replaced). Wow--have I really typed so much? I'll spare you from any more of my ramblings and say good-night.


-- Nonnie (, January 26, 2000.

My heart has gone beyond. I look up information about the titanic everyday. I know about the Movie and the REAL titanic. James Cameron is a wonderful writer. However, the editor of this film did an okay job. I know that there are 180 mistakes in this movie. For example the Titanic sunk on April 15 at 12am and that is what they showed. Then how come when rose reached NY the statue of liberty's flame was gold and in real life they didnt change it until 1920 which was after the boat sanked? But words cant express how I feel about ths movie I know I love this movie more than anyone. I even started wrighting a part 2. The titanic returns. I am even goging to the spot were the boat sanked.I am a little crazyer than most people think

-- Nashanti Iglesias (, April 16, 2004.

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