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Gas Leak Suspected Cause of Explosion That Extensively Damages Store, Showers Street with Debris

Stroudsburg, PA, United States 1/23/2000- 5:00 PM

The auto parts store was extensively damaged by the explosion that blew out part of the east wall of the two-story building and showered the street with bricks, cinder blocks and gas.

The blast also damaged an insurance agency next door.

Fortunately, police said, teenagers who normally congregate near the store during warmer weather were not present, or they fear serious injuries might have resulted.

A church across the street that was rocked by the explosion reported that fewer children than usual were brought to the day care center yesterday. Parents were reported to be apprehensive about another explosion.

About 20 people were evacuated from the YMCA and a nearby apartment house, but were allowed to return home on Sunday evening.

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-- Carl Jenkins (, January 25, 2000

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