OT-real time-MAYBE roadblocks by combo civvie and mil in tennessee..anyone who..

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...can confirm or deny this happening in grainger county tennessee I would appreciate it. Just heard a small piece of a story on alex jones shortwave, 9.400mhz, website is www.infowars.com. I have no idea if this is real or not, just know because of the huge readership here we can find out quickly. thank you in advance.

-- zog (zzoggy@yahoo.com), January 25, 2000



Here is a link to an article by Alex. Sorry I don't know how to do that new fangled link thingy. If someone will post how to do it, I will try next time. Until then, my humblest apologies for cut & paste.


-- New Guy (Newguy@Newbie.com), January 25, 2000.


-- Teague Harper (tharper@cyberhighway.net), January 25, 2000.

Prior to the Gulf War I participated in this same sort of thing.

In southern Mississippi on hwy 98. We would set up a road block in conjunction with the locals and the State National Guard. We would line the hwy and wait for people to throw things out the windows of their vehicles( bongs, pipes, DRUGS, liquer, etc. etc.) It seems hwy 98 was a artery for drug traffic headed north. It intersects with I- 10 in Biloxi. We were supplying manpower/equip/intel to the locals- authorized by something to do with the war on drugs.

It was really no big deal. I'm sure it is still going on and yes I can see how it could get out of hand,but at the time we felt good about keeping soem of this stuff out of some crackheads hands--er lungs.

-- Johnny (jljtm@bellsouth.net), January 25, 2000.

The use of the military in domestic law enforcement is illegal. Any elected sheriff who participates in such action should be removed from office, as it is his legal duty to enforce domestic law, not break it. The federal posse comitatus law forbids the use of military in domestic law enforcement. The rapidly succeeding goal of the Clinton administration is to create a federal police state, over-riding all states rights. Prior to the Revolution, when our government was the King in Britian, they kept us under control by stationing 'federal' troops in our cities and towns. They spent a lot of time trying to disarm us. So now we are back to that situation again.

-- Y2kObserver (Y2kObserver@nowhere.com), January 25, 2000.

Observer, Only correct on one part. Posse Comitatus of 1974 (?+/-) prevents the use of Federal Troops in a internal law-enforcement role. The National Gaurd, (which these days hardly constitutes any sort of organized military presence anyhow) falls directly under the Governor of whatever state these units are under. The Gaurd is essentially the 'military branch' that is used to augment regular forces in wartime. Because they are expected to augment, the Gaurd is trained by the .Fed/Regular .Mil in order to give some semblance of order and structure to the ranks. However, the entire budget of the gaurd is shelled out by the state that the unit resides in. This budget is also assisted by fed. matching funds.
In the event of a disaster, the Governor can call out, at his whim, whatever unit(s) he feels he needs, provided that the money comes from the states side of the coffers. Unless it is a federally mandated disaster, all monies for Gaurd use come directly from the State Govs. If the individual states Governor wishes to utilize the Gaurd in a police-type issue, then let them The Gaurd is wholly incapable of being any sort of real threat to "The American Dream or Way of Life" Unless there is an immeadiate danger to life and limb, (like the Waco-Rte 35 Bus search trumpeted some time ago by the Infowars site) Then active duty troops are never used.
Take some advice...take anything Alex Whutzhisnuts has to say with a grain of salt. Say a boulder sized chunck o' sodium. He frequently exaggerates the .mil presence, and attempts to demonize us troops. For someone who never served a day, he's real quick to point a finger...

Always support your troops!

-- Billy Boy (Rakkasan101st@Aol.com), January 25, 2000.

--Billy, I'll support 'em whole heartedly, as long as the "war" they are in is a legal war declared by congress. Just because someone isn't in the dot mil or a vet doesn't mean they can't be patriotic. My opinion, if someone just goes someplace and kills someone because the king sez so, and no declared war, it doesn't mean squat about any oaths, they've crossed the line into being a mercenary. I'm sorry if that's upsetting to some, but I'm even sorrier we have US troops of whatever branch used in UN "actions" or in civvie cases-roadblocks, etc.-, or whatever. Yes, the "guard" is SUPPOSED to be for the states, in reality it's federal, the king squawks, the guard gets used. Period. Federal. In my opinion it IS a dangerous precedent. If you speak out against it, most times you are immediately branded a "traitor" or some such nonsense. We went through this back during nam. Danged if ya do, danged if ya don't. and I got real sick of that "well, move to russia if you don't like it" back then, too. I'm a non vet, but this is MY country, too. I can read more or less pretty adequately. We haven't had a legal war since ww2. What we have are unconstitutional executive orders, presedential directives, "findings" and a whole lotta other bs that boils down to folks just "following orders" no matter WHAT, and that's the most dangerous precedent of all. --If we have a beef with another country, lay the facts on the table, debate it in congress, declare war legally, then kik their butt. We have the alledged "checks and balances" in place so that theoretically we won't have a dictator king giving orders to a large standing army and/or paramilitary police force for his own ends. My memory is great. Every time past few years this king starts getting some media heat over this or that, we go bomb and fight someplace. Just a little bit TOO coincidental for me, and all those "wars" have been illegal. Ya, I'm not on the supreme court, my opinion is worth squat, but what has happened here is that the executive branch has ALL the guns, they have the vast majority of all those guns trained to follow an order no matter what, and the congress and judicial branch has been rendered almost superfelous, it's down to a media show for all practical purposes. Speaking only for myself, I'll feel a lot better when every high ranking officer says "no thankyou, this little boondoggle violates my oath of office, mr. king, and I ain't gonna play, nor will I order my troops to play". There was a story from a coupla years back when like 24 air force generals all resigned EN MASSE, and it did not get any media coverage. They were protesting what I've been talking about. Those guys I respect. If I had a link handy I'd show it to ya. someone else here might have it. This is really an involved topic, but bottom line for me is this creeping incremenatlism that has appeared. The "war on drugs" is a complete crock, it goes to keep certain industries and fatcats rich, and it gets more and more folks into the control of the "criminal justice system", and it's leading STRAIGHT to pure dictatorship. We get this "massacres in kosovo" story, "hundreds of thousands" we are told,we go over, bomb heck out of some country, poison all their water with depleted uranium rounds all over, destroy their infrastructure, then months later find out these massacre stories were grossly exaggeratedand untrue, which makes ya stop and think what the heck the real reason for the war was. But it got fought nevertheless, by executive order, and no declaration of war. On and on. Hope you can see where I'm coming from. It's just so very hard to "support the troops" when they "just follow orders" no matter WHAT. The day is coming, sometime, don't know when, but sometime, when the folks in the military are going to be "ordered" to do some sort of massive armed war against certain factions of the civilian population. In a big scale, too. I have no crystal ball, can't tell ya when, but you can smell it coming. First, you "demonize" the "enemy". They're "gooks" or "chinks", "rag heads", "camel jockeys"or maybe "religious extremeists" or "cult members" or maybe "dangerous gun nuts". The words don't matter, it's the underlying demonization, and the perfect willingness of armed agents of the state to carry out orders to kill people, no questions asked.

We get invaded, we have some bozo country threatens us, I'll go down and drag my sorry middle aged butt to the head of the line to join up. Until then, got no use for being a hired gun for the globalists or the kings adventures. My view will no doubt piss off royally a lot of folks, but I have to call them as I see them. Like I said, hope ya understand, and no disrespect to the fallen, of any army, the grunts are always screwed, again, no matter what. I support our service people in the only way I know how, advise them to get out until such a time as a constitutional republic is restored, and to not do the king's and political career officer's and the international companies and bank's biddings.

Go ahead, flame, I can take it, beats a cluster bomb anyday.

-- zog (zzoggy@yahoo.com), January 25, 2000.


Yeah, what you said. Semper Fi.

-- JT80CoG (wm61@siu.edu), January 25, 2000.

Dig it Zoggimus...I hate to say it...but per the usual you only need to "drop five and fire for effect!" Nice grouping.

-- Billy Boy (Rakkasan101st@Aol.com), January 26, 2000.

---thanks, Billy, I am REAL glad that I was able to express myself well enough to get my point across. Not sure how old you are, but let me tell ya, it's been HARD to walk this tightrope regardings the military. Back during early days of nam war, I mean like 61,2,3, I started meeting and talking to returning vets. By 65 it was abundantly clear that something major was wrong. NONE of the vets I talked to thought that the war was either legal, or made any sense. NONE of them encouraged me to go "join up". Before that, I was super gung ho, was working on getting an eventual slot in one of the academies, I mean I was WORKING on it. That was a real wake up call for me to start doing research, and dang if it didn't lead me right into the whole conspiracy ball o wax, A to Z. The various "shadow government" and international globalists DO have very long range plans, and these doods aren't stoopid. They are very bad in manipulating young minds, that's the worst in my opinion. It's easy to bandy about the term "brainwashing", but dang if that don't fit. yada, yada, yada again, thanks for understanding, and believe me, I understand where current and retired dot mil and dot civvie personnell are coming from , too. Rock and a hard place. BTW, have a very good friend, 101st, 67-70 SEA games, last year got some agent orange benefits, after years of unfixed medical problems, thousands-well hundreds, I guess- of trips to VA, blah blah blah. He still has nightmares and can't sleep, I used to live with him for awhile, could hear him screaming and crying in his sleep sometimes. He got wounded several times, once got blasted by a mortar, woke up- came to, and his good buddy's brains were in his mouth. Va gives him pills, they don't work. And the commies keep on comin, and the big international companies and our politicians are trying their best to "normalize" relations with china and russky land. Phooie. We had a serious beef with them a long time ago, should have been taken care of in 1945 directly, not this endless procession of "good for the economy" little useless wars we been in ever since..

-- zog (zzoggy@yahoo.com), January 26, 2000.

Zoggy my friend, ain't it the truth. (By the way 30 years old) I was one of the 'lucky ones' who was born 18 years too late to miss Nam. (Although I benifited from some training from the "last of the breed" during my earliest stint in the Army.)

-- Billy Boy (Rakkasan101st@Aol.com), January 26, 2000.

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