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I am a new swim team coach. I am coaching in a small area and have a group of swimmers ranging in age from 7-15. They are feeling a bit burned out right now. I would like to give them a sort of fun day and am looking for ideas to make the workouts fun for the kids but still get the yardage they need for our meets on the weekends.

-- Tonya Shoemaker (, January 25, 2000


Water Polo. That's what my coach did for us, every once in a while, it's fun and if you get evenly matched teams, you get alot of yards covered.

-- KC (, August 27, 2001.

Try kick board races - 4 teams - 1 each corner of the pool, swimmers have to kick to opposite diagonal corner - great fun when they meet up in the middle.

-- jenny johnson (, March 21, 2002.

I have one that is close to the other one that is listed. I call it Cross-Country Swimming. You have your team count off by 4's place a group in each of the corners of the pool. Each group will have to swim a pattern that looks like a bow tie.

Shallow end teams will swim on the outside wall, reaching the opposite corner they will swim to opposite corner from where they started from. When they meet, they can either wait or go under the water to keep swimming.

Deep end teams will swim to the opposite corner in the shallow end , then travel along the wall to the next corner. then again at an diagonal to the opposite corner in the shallow end and along the wall of the pool back to their home corner.

3 X's Swimming 3 X's Pulling 3 X's Kicking

The group that has the first 5 team members sitting on the deckin after they have gone through the workout is the winning. Make sure that you time this race and keep record of it.

-- Dave Nace (, July 07, 2002.

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