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I'm amazed that skito hasn't beat me to the punch on this, as when I recorded, he sent me an e-mail a scant 30-some minutes later. Last Blade 2 does not play back properly. Therefore .inp submissions for the game are invalid. Please remove them, or I imagine Pat will.

Anyways, geez, c'mon guys, didn't you even WONDER why BBH wasn't first in it?


-- Q.T.Quazar (, January 24, 2000


I wanted to mail him but i remembered mailing bubble the first time they recorded a lastbld2 and obviously they didn't listen. I really don't understand why anyone wouldn't play back their own recording to see if it really did work to the score they recorded it with... Just means some people are more in it for leaderboard points more than anything else...

While someone (Pat) is "at it" they might as well zero out all the banned unplaybackable gamed recordings and update their text messages to reflect the posted scores... lastbld2, flipshot, carnvckt, etc... These don't playback now but may playback later. The actuall list is on gameboy's site.

-- Chad (, January 24, 2000.

The Last Blade 2 recordings are gone now. I don't think any submission of which the .inp doesn't play back should be accepted. After all, MARP stands for MAME Action REPLAY Page, as I heard someone else say yesterday. So this is not limited to games for which recordings never have played back. There are also submissions on games for which recording works fine in general, but still every now and then recordings that don't play back are submitted and people include a screenshot at best. Recordings that only partially play back should only be credited for the score that is reached when playing back...

I still need to do some more cleaning up. On my list still are the following games (short names): fitter, headon2, carnvckt. These are a bit trickier because I've been told that fitter originally worked fine, but was broken later on (anybody know with which version of MAME that happened?). And as for headon2 and carnvckt, do none of the recordings play back, or are there certain versions of MAME for which the recordings do work? Thanks.

And before people start shouting, all the games I have mentioned here have been officially banned after a vote. I think we need someone to update the list and take over from Angry, so that everybody can see which games and techniques are banned and for which reasons.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, January 25, 2000.

carnival seems to playback fine in m33b4, and i'd imaging headon2 might too. carnvckt was introduced as a clone after carnival ceased to be playe back, so any carnvckt recordings should not playback. The ones that are in there now are just carnival recordings saved as carnvckt entries.

Here is a message thread i started a while back that shows status'es of unplayabackable games, The name has "play back" in the Subject line.

Click ME

-- Chad (, January 25, 2000.

One More thing, if we can mention to the MAME DEV team that these games don't playback, we should! I would really love to see some last blade2 recordings but this is a mame ACTION replay page, so they deserve the boot untill they can be played back.

I think we kind of have already taken it over from Angry since i think gameboy just added the Angry Banned techniques to his list on his site (not sure of link...)

-- Chad (, January 25, 2000.

About games that doesnt't playback the following games replays only with mame33b04.

invinco invds invho2

-- A.D. SAKURAGI (, January 27, 2000.

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