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@Contra - Au Contraire (Humbug) Jan 24, 17:43 This response to your comments regarding my 1:20 am post of Jan 23rd is a continuation of more of the same logic regarding the markets.

But first, the odd man out in the group which Louis paraded before the camera -- for the benefit of his "smart" viewers --Ed Hyman of ISI Group which owns Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter was strategically "seated" next to the new "King Pin" - Lawrence Lindsey Bush's top financial advisor. In my opinion this was a code for who would be taking over the Fed Reserves Chair. This is also why Lindsey was given 75% of the air time -to let the "smart" investors in on who they intended to put into the Presidential seat. It's pretty clear what's going on here. But to the unassuming, it's just another Rukeyser show.

The point I made last night about the markets all falling simultaneously is the only way that fir the whole picture. Today bore that out. I am not invested in any of the markets - that's how I can stay objective about what I see. The correction in my opinion has just begun. As to the POO, the Arabs just got a talking to, and I'm sure were reminded about how we have continued to keep their peace. Plus they were reminded that this would only kill their golden goose if the curbs were too restrictive. This should settle down the price.

All of these markets turning down gives the FED exactly what they wanted - killing the notion of inflation. My guess is that the brokers will use this opportunity, which they have created for themselves to help the gold producers (who have been crying Uncle), unwind their hedges as they shove the price down. My personal opinion is that this could happen soon. My personal opinion is that the producers had had their hands tied last year deliberately to keep the price from moving up until the bubble got pricked. I believe the producers will be rewarded with a lower price allowing them to unwind. (What a reward). However, there would be no need for them to let up on their heavy playing in the pms. I think in order for anyone to make money in the physicals, it would require suspending personal desires for the moment and key in on where the money power is focused, then be able to decode their messages and finally reassemble this into actual meaning. A very difficult task. This is financial war that is being waged. The key to not losing is knowing what traps have been layed.

-- Ed (, January 24, 2000


Ed, who's going to have the best guess where the market is going to go?

Any source, in particular you ascribe to??

A curious question is all. Any help is always appreciated.

-- Michael (, January 24, 2000.

Well, it will be interersting what happens to the price of Gold after the BOE (Bank of England) auction tomorrow. I think the price of Gold will initially drop. (To bailout the Bigboys who have shorted Gold) Then skyrocket in Mid March.

-- Otis (, January 24, 2000.

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