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is valuation based on confidence (i.e. expectation) or need? just wanted to solicit opinion on what thoughts there are as to how value is arrived at. obviously, anything is worth only what it can be sold for. but the question of what anything is valued at is not what it can be sold for because replacement, convenience, expectation and other considerations come into play. if you have an opinion... i would appreciate hearing your thoughts.. :-)

-- V. Gregg Nolan (, January 24, 2000


IMHO What is most valuable is what you do to help others. I have made millions; I have lost millions. Stock, Bonds, Gold, mansions, fame, been there done that...I came in with nothing, and I will leave with nothing except what I did to help others. Nashville just spent 3.7 million on a shelter for lost cats and dogs. Yet whole families of homeless people are sleeping under bridges and in 8th Ave. ally ways with no place to go. Take some food to the Salvation Army shelter, help Meals on Wheels, go spend some time building with Habitat...give all you can to your church. Our country is a vast mission field of something to help others even if you have needs yourself, and I believe you will see what is most valuable in this life. At least that is what I believe...If you don't like humans because they have abused you, regulary take a few hundred pounds of Kibbles and Bits to the animal shelters....sincerely, Tom

-- Tom (Tom Format @, January 24, 2000.

Well said Tom. Well said.

-- Hokie (, January 24, 2000.

Gee, Tom, that was sure nice. But you forgot that the furry ones don't have a God given imagination to use to create a new reality.Life as a victim is a matter of agreement.

-- James (, January 24, 2000.

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