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What existing undecorated passenger car models lend themselves for CofGA passenger equipment? Inclusive of any and all CofGA passenger service. Not restricted to "Nancy Hanks" and "Man O' War". Heavyweight or streamlined. Athearn, IHC, Con-Cor, Branchline to list a few.

Once the kit problem is solved, what about Decals?

-- W. David Godwin (, January 24, 2000


David, I'm starting work on modeling the Nancy Hanks as it looked new. All the pictures I've seen reveal that the cars had skirts. Eastern Car Works puts out a Pullman Standard car that looks quite close to the ACF cars the CG bought. It's a flat kit but that should make it easier to paint. The coaches should be fairly easy. It's the "Grill-Lounge" that will give me trouble. I've already altered the window arrangment to match fairly closely for car #691. That car was a Pullman Standard car that CG converted. It rode on six wheel trucks. I'm using "Line-o-tape" masking tape for the fine stripes on the sides and decided to stick with Scalecoat II B&O Royal Blue and MOW Grey for colors. I'm still experimenting with the colors. Walthers used to offer CG passenger car decals and I've got what I need but if Microscale is going to offer new sets, I'll probably use theirs.


Ed Locklin in Charlotte.

-- Edwin C. Locklin (, December 13, 2000.


If you can wait just a little bit longer, Microscale should be releasing the first of two planned CofGa passenger car decal sets. The first will cover the Man O' War cars (Budd-built corrugated cars), the Nancy Hanks scheme (blue and grey stripes), and the pre-merger Pullman green cars. This set will include all of the appropriate lettering, as well as the round Man O' War and Nancy Hanks signs that were used on some cars.

The second passenger set should cover the Illinois Central style cars (with both "Central of Georgia" and "City of Miami" lettering) and the post-merger pullman green cars.

These sets will be of the same quality as the recently released boxcar and covered hopper decals.

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (, January 24, 2000.

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