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I have a seaboard air lines baggage master hat/cap that was made by the pettibone company and im wondering what the value is and maybe the history of it.I have a digital camera so i can send pics of it if is very old by the looks of it.thank you/ dave

-- dave elen (, January 24, 2000


Dave, the Pettibone Company supplied a majority of conductors uniforms and hats to American railroads prior to Amtrak. (My grandfather's C&O uniform is from Pettibone). I bring that up because the hat itself-- since it generic in nature--while it may be in very good condition, is of no great value in and of itself, although it does function nicely to showcase the badge. The badge, depending on condition and whether or not there is a buyer or buyers, should bring in a minimum or from $25 upwards. Visit a railroadiana show, such as the ones at Gaithersburg and Timonium in Maryland, or the one at Jacksonville, FL the same weekend, Feb 18-20, as the society's annual meeting. I personally have found the prices for ACL, SAL, and SCL at Jacksonville are far more reasonable, from a buyer's perspective, obviously because the supply in the area is greater.

-- Doug Riddell (, January 25, 2000.

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