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Hello... Can anyone please tell me if accepting checks is possible? Do I have to change or add something in smart.cgi? Can you tell me what it is, Please...

2. I would like to put in my Order Form - Ship To: ... Do I have to add something in the smart.cgi, as well?

3. Can someone please enlighten me with multi-shipping how does it work.

I'd be willing to pay for those additional scripts.. I am so desperate.. please help..

-- zoe westheimer (, January 24, 2000


Yes, you can accept checks. Here's how to get the html for free. Go to Go into the SMART-STORE DEMO. pick a category, say Bevis and Butthead. Order something (it's a DEMO you are only pretending. Then CHECKOUT and pick CHECKS as a method of payment. Start saving the sourse (html) and gifs. I made them so I can give them away.

Ok, Now you can take a check. and with the forms, the customer can send you o check easily.

To print them out you will need some local software. If you don't have a program, go to and follow the CHECKER link on the masthead (or ) this is GREAT software and for the $14.95 you get the licence to resell it.

-- Gregory Swofford (, January 24, 2000.


For a ship to box check the "order.html" at

If you like it just copy the file. Change you e-mail and "buy2" to your site.

-- James L. Farmer (, January 26, 2000.

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