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There is a tax problem if you set tax to one. Works good on the web page, but is incorrect in the emails.

I have seen several posts on this issue. No one had any answers so far. One person responded that he had to switch to another cart. Does anyone have an answer to this? I don't want to have to switch as well, too much time invested.

Thank you.

-- Stephen Warriner (, January 23, 2000


Yea me too! Is the problem like when in the e-mail they give you tax as the subtotal number and adds that to the subtotal? This script is really good in that I don't have to utilize a database and I don't want to switch either.

-- Ekin (, January 23, 2000.


In the "order.html" to get the right tax you should use a drop down box with the two letter abbreviation for the state. Make sure it is the same as you have the state tax in the "smart.cfg"


-- James L. Farmer (, January 24, 2000.

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