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This one makes me smile.

Here we have a person who most likely thinks his problem at the Tahoe DMV is unique. It could very well be. But if not, employees at the DMV might be getting swamped with caseloads of folks who have "disappeared" from their databases. Having to manually re-enter data, their daily business routine could get backed up very quickly.

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Friday, January 7, 2000 3:01 AM

Y2K bug bites this angler

Column by Doug Busey

Fellow anglers, welcome to the year 2000. Well, the Y2K bug went without a glitch, except for me.

Seems after being stopped by a highway patrol officer, he informed me my truck did not exist; there was no record of me, my license plate, or my truck. I was told to go to DMV to figure this out (I was pulled over for a registration check).

When I went to DMV, they also told me I didn't exist. They found a glitch in the system, fixed it quickly and I am now back in the system. My luck, I guess.

Well, let's find out about our fishing conditions in our area.


Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune, Nevada

-- Lee Maloney (, January 23, 2000


Man, would I like to disappear from the system! That guy blew it!

-- Kansas (, January 23, 2000.

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