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Does anyone know something about the wife of Thomas Andrews ?

-- Serena (foo@bar.com), January 23, 2000


Helen Reilly Barbour was the daughter of a prominent business man. He may have been invloved with Harland And Wolff. After Thomas's death she remarried John Harland of H&W and had four children by him. She died in England in 1966

-- Tanic Andrews (princess_aravantic@titaniccrazy.zzn.com), April 29, 2001.

Tommy and Helen were married when he was 35 years old. They were the parents of one daughter, Elizabeth. History seems to have last track of her after Helen remarried. Elizabeth probably had no memory of her father, as she was about three years old at the time of his heroic demise. It is still possible (although not probable) that she could still be alive at this time.

-- Linda (lchampion@sierratel.com), May 10, 2001.

Helen Reilly Barbour Andrews was the daughter of John Barbor, who was apparently on the board of directors of Harland and Wolff in 1908 (the year she married Thomas Andrews) By her marriage to Andrews, she had one daughter, Elizabeth Law Barbour Andrews (her father called her "ELBA" on account of her initials.)

Following Thomas Andrews' death aboard Titanic, Helen remarried, to a man named Harry Harland (Of the Harland family of Harland and Wolff) and had four children with him, all girls as I recall.

Helen died of a heart attack in Nov. 1966, in Belfast. She was buried with the Harland family, although a small gravestone with her name is mounted in the Andrews family cemetery in Comber, Co. Down.

Elizabeth is a bit more complicated. She grew up, never marrying. For a while, she ran a 'no-kill' safari service in Kenya. She may also have worked as a nurse in the Red Cross during the Second World War. (The Kenya item is documented, the Red Cross is conjecture). What is known is that she died in a car accident in Ireland in 1973.

A great deal more information, including Helen Andrews-Harland's will, can be found at http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/

-- Chris Hansen (preobrajenski@hotmail.com), January 14, 2002.

I thought that when Helen remarried the guy from Harlend & Wolff that they didn't have any children at all. And the daughter that Thomas and Helen did have died in a car accident in England, 1966. Right?

-- H.Westman (Dude_where'smypoo@iamwasted.com), February 01, 2002.

My research (undertaken after my first note was posted) discovered that Helen married Henry Harland in 1917. She bore four childen by him - one son, Albert, and three daughters, Patricia, Vera, and Louise. According to her death certificate, Helen was diagnosed with senile dementia at the time of her death. Elba, who never married, did indeed die in Ireland in 1973 as the result of a traffic accident.

-- Linda Champion (lchampion@sierratel.com), March 24, 2002.

Thomas and Helen were married and set up house in Comber, Ireland in 1908. After Thomas Death in 1912, Helen remarried to Henry Harland of Harland and Wolff shipbuilders. They had a number of children together. Elizabeth Andrews (Elba) only child to Thomas & Helen became distant with her mother throughout the years. Elizabeth was the first woman in Irland to obtain a Pilot's license. She was also part of a safari in Kenya. Elizabeth passed away in a car accident recorded in Ireland in 1973. Helen died at the age of 85 of mitral valve complications on August 22, 1966.

-- Denise D. Vanaria (DeniseV@cfl.rr.com), March 22, 2004.

thomas andrews had a wife named helen. she died in 1966. he also had a daughter named elizabeth. little is known about elizabeth , she died in a car crash in 1966.

-- michelle johnson (twirlgirl167@comcast.net), September 04, 2004.

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