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What films are available for Minox 110S

-- martin tai (, January 22, 2000


Minox 110S camera works with ASA 100 and ASA 400 film.

At the right hand side of the film chamber in 110S, there is a metal spring film speed sensor.

ASA 110 film cartridge has a 15mm long ridge at right hand side, which presses down the film speed switch in the camera.

In early days, ASA 400 film cartridge's film speed marker was only half as long, with the lower part missing; when this kind of old ASA400 film was loaded in to 110S, the film speed switch was not pushed down.

ASA 200 and ASA 400 110 films are still widely available from photo stores and supermarkets.

But these newer ASA 200 and ASA 400 110 films all have the longer 15mm film marker, as if ASA 100 film.

When an ASA 200 110 film is loaded into Minox 110S, all pictures will be exposed as if ASA 100 film, ie, there is one stop overexposure.

To use ASA 400 110 film, one can use a pair of wire cutter to cut off the lower section of the 15mm film marker ridge, so as to miss the film speed switch in the camera.

-- martin tai (, January 22, 2000.

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