EVICTION owner move-in HELP!!!

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I have just found out my landlord wants to move in to my 2 bedroom flat (in a 2 unit flat), His daughter lives downstairs and kicked out my sister 2 years month ago. My rent is very cheap so I am suspect. I have always been an excellent tenant, ie: paying rent on time, making my own repairs, ect... He owns two other properties and is selling one saying he can't afford it so needs to take this one. I am a single father of two boys (5 and 9) with almost no financial help (literaly) from their mother. I am blessed with a good job, though in this town it means nothing. Thank you in advanced for your help. Sincerly, Wesley J. Valaris

-- Wesley Valaris (cablecar@ix.netcom.com), January 22, 2000

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