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Mr. Hill's Lines South article on Depots was very informative, but I have a question concerning ACL station sign boards. How were the 8" high RR Roman letters applied to the station sign. Were they masked or hand painted?

-- Scott Lofreddo (, January 22, 2000


I guess that would depend on the type of station sign - baked enamel vs. painted wood. Both were common on ACL depots. If you are referring to the "smalted" blue, baked enamel type then I really can't help you as I am not familiar with either the manufacturing or lettering processes used for baked enamel signs.

If the station sign is the painted on wood and considering the level of technology in the early 20th, I would venture to guess that the station signs were first painted with the background color. The letters would probably then be traced in pencil with the aid of some type of stencil and then be painted in by hand. Once dry and the outer frame applied, the signs would then be placed on the ends of the depot. Good question. If anyone knows the definitive answer to this question please pass it on.

-- Buddy Hill (, January 25, 2000.

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